Good news:

As Friday’s strip would indicate, a series of three small robot drawings made it into Studio Gallery SF‘s annual Mischief show. I’m bummed that I likely won’t be able to go to the opening, because the pieces I saw when I went to drop mine off were really fun!

Also, I will be at Zinefest over Labor Day weekend. More details in August.

Other news:

My computer is sick. I can get it booting but I can’t trust it not to crash if I put it into sleep mode. So, playing it by ear and backing up everything as I go. Cross fingers for it, guys, I cannot afford to replace it at the moment ^_^;

Also, as so tactfully mentioned in Friday’s strip, I go in for hand surgery next week (it is related to this injury last year). It needs doing but I’m still very nervous about the whole thing, so, wish me luck there! Well, at least that’s over with! Rocking a splint but otherwise doing well!