Knock on wood, but I think my PC problems are a glitchy video card compatibility (in that, fixing the video driver made the computer stop restarting, that has to be a good thing). So that’s exciting in that my computer is turning on successfully and such again.

I’m a strip behind for now due to said PC problems, so I’ll do 3 strips the week after APE to catch up.

Also, I need to get better at publicizing myself, but: APE (Alternative Press Expo, to be precise), October 17-18 at the Concourse in San Francisco. I will be there. My table is #234, the Littlest Elle. I will be stocking minis, Erstwhile 01, Frog Prince, my comic-image jewelry, and a brand new button of scribble. Maybe a new tiny mini? We will see how the week goes?

Regardless, I will be there and I look forward to seeing any familiar faces! Or meeting new ones!