Gosh, things have been crazy. I honestly am getting through the week hour by hour to not get overwhelmed, it’s a little intense. Outside of Littlest Elle, I’ve dived head first into my next Erstwhile project with Gina from Strawberry Comics. It’s an adaptation of All Kinds of Fur and I’ll post more about it as I get farther along, but this one is a full 34 pages and I’m taking it as a challenge to see just how well I can time manage around my jobs.

And in other “stuff I am doing” realms, locals can come check my art out at STUDIO gallery SF’s “Mischief” show, running July 15-August 9. I have two pieces hanging, one an original comic page from Catbox (shown in the link) and another print of Cinderella from my college thesis. It looks to be a great show and the gallery is super chill!