I’ve returned successfully from my cartoonist in residency for the Schulz Museum. I got fairly nervous but I had a great time! Everyone was very nice to such an up-and-coming (aka: newbie) as myself and I felt really proud to be asked to attend.

I did a small demonstration while I was up where I took a rough sketch I had drawn on the busride up and inked/started to color it. I’m not done yet, but here’s how far I got in two hours:

In hindsight, I regret not taking a photo of the sketch so you could see the comparison. If there’s interest, I might try demonstrating something like this at home in front of the webcam? We’ll see.

Need to go back there to explore more, it’s a wonderful museum. I had chills just looking through the upstairs section with Schulz’s old posessions and his workstation. You could see his actual drafting table, his materials… there’s something powerful about realizing that someone great and big and talented uses the same type of markers as you.

But yes, good times all around!