Wow, June happened fast!

This is a reminder that I will be having my cartoonist-in-residence event at the Charles M. Schulz¬† Museum in Santa Rosa on Saturday, June 13th, from 1-3pm. I will be a living exhibit, which means I’ll sit there drwing and people can come up and ask me questions. Great fun all around!

I wasn’t able to pull together the new material I was planning on (fluke hand accident that ate April and May is to blame for that) but I will have copies of Ellezilla, a minicomic that compiles all my out of print short stories, The Frog Prince, and the freshly released Erstwhile 01: Short Tales! It’s got three short fairy tales with different artists, all written by Gina of Strawberry Comics (mine is “the bird, the mouse, & the sausage”).

I’ll also be tabling at APE again this October, but more on that later.