Yesterday was Hourly Comic Day, where you must draw a journal comic each hour about something that happened within that hour.

I had a day off, so I ended up participating like I had hoped I could (yay!). I have 15 hours in my set, so I’ll be splitting them up over today, Wednesday, and Friday. The morning ones are some of my favorites.

(I forgot to shade the background in the top comic, however, so let’s just pretend it’s obvious that I opened the door to overpowering rays of sunshine.)

Oh, Scribble. If you could read Nabari No Ou, surely you’d see it’s too good to eat.

Oh, parking at my place. There’s actually a lot of passive aggressive drama between me and the neighbors over the parking spaces in front of my place. The only way I can win is to be passive-aggressive-ridiculous right back at them. Which I do. Constantly.

Also, bedhead. Four years since I did my first one of these and somethings never change.