So, J.’s roomate has this little rescue dog. This dog has been through more than any little dog should ever be through (at age 11 he’s lost most of his hair, most of his teeth, part of his eyesight, and he’s skittish around strangers) but he’s remarkably well behaved and sweet given his condition. If I had been through that, I’d pretty much hate the world.

Anyway, this little doggie needs cataract surgery real bad and J’s roomate lost her surgery money when her job cancelled this year’s holiday bonuses (thank you, economy). J’s response to this is to host a fundraiser for the doggie over on her blog. She’s partnered up with some awesome etsy sellers to raffle off some original pieces (adorable jewelry and crafty things are being posted each day this week). Yours truly will be donating something, so if you like my art, keep checking her blog! It’s definitely a worthy cause and you might have a chance to get a swanky custom comic for yourself!

No obligation, no guilt, but if you feel inclined go check it out (at least go check out the raffle? Like I said, there’s some amazing stuff being posted!). As the financially strapped owner of a rescue animal myself, well, I have a lot of sympathy for this situation.