24 Hour Comic #3: Rescuing Arugula

Start date: 10/20/07 at 10AM; Completion date: 10/21/07 at 2:15AM

The 52 Comics Challenge for the week was to participate in 24 Hour Comic Day (in short: make a 24 page comic on the fly within 24 consecutive hours). I’ve completed it twice before and loved every minute of it, but I haven’t done one lately on account of my chronic “not carpal tunnel but it ammounts to the same thing” injuries that restrict my drawing time.

Still… this time, I took the plunge. My only condition was that I had to let the quality of the comic suffer so that I could take breaks/not freak my wrist out with detail and precision/generally not fall apart. That brought about some entertaining and challenging art restrictions: I had to draw straight up in pen without pencil, so no second guessing. I had to cheat in every way possible, so I included my dusty boxes of rubber stamps, collaged a little, and invented a brilliant plot twist to not require backgrounds for over half the pages (hah).

I find the result kind of cool, and I only broke my health rules for the last three pages (the urge to sleep overrode self preservation) so while my arm is pretty achey, it’s still functional today! Hurray!

Also, for some reason I thought it would be keen to use construction paper and Mr. Sketch markers for “selective coloring”. I can’t remember why I made this decision but it brings a certain 4th grade chic to the whole thing. Enjoy.