My watchband broke a while ago, leaving me with a lonely but functional analogue watchface. Got a new watch, totally shattered that (my job, especially the stockroom, is not friendly to watches). I keep meaning to replace it and until I do I’ve just taken to carrying a disembodied watchface in my pocket to tell time. For… golly, like 5 months? 6 months now? A while. Point being: given that level of lazy, it’s remarkable I ever adjust my watch for DST.

I rented half a table, dreading who I’d get paired with (I was anticipating either GUNBUNNIES 4: THE NINJA ORGPOCALYPSE or MY EXGIRLFRIENDS SUCK FOR DUMPING ME, FOR I AM A NICE GUY: THE 12 COMIC EPIC). Instead, I got put with Corinne Mucha, who is an amazingly talented and friendly person! Score! (Her minis are great, and I’m kicking myself for not buying her xeric project about Alaska). Apparently this hour was filled with lots of talking.

Um. Yeah. If this doesn’t make any sense? I have captured the moment completely. It didn’t at the time, either. (My only footnote: the guy was holding index cards, not signs. I didn’t draw them to scale). Corrine had the common sense to say no. I followed her lead on that, but a part of me wonders what would’ve happened if I said yes?