Obligatory self-promotion post!

So one of the big things I’ve been working on outside of Littlest Elle is a 40ish page full watercolor comic adaptation of the fairytale The Singing Springing Lark. It launched this month at Erstwhile Tales and it’s currently updating Mondays and Thursdays. It takes a really long time to produce a watercolor page and I’m ridiculously proud of the outcome thus far (I’m still working on it ^_^;; ).

In other news, as mentioned in a previous comic, I broke my solemn vow never to get a tumblr and… got a tumblr. This is a terrible idea (I’m an internet addict, so tumblr is like tailor made to destroy me), but it’s refreshing to post my art in a venue where people might actually see it. So, uh, yes, that’s a place to find more of my work now :)

Other upcoming stuff:
I’ll be tabling at SPX in just a few weeks! I’m sharing with CJ of City of Cards. It’s my first real travelin’ con. Be gentle, East Coast, be gentle.