As a reminder, I’ll be in the artist alley at Fanime this year! I will be at table #17 the entirety of Memorial Day Weekend. The Official Map is here, and an easier to read fan-made map is here. On the fan-made map I’m in G block.

Merch-wise, I’ll have my one-shot minicomics (the Scribble holiday one-shot because Scribble is fashionable for all seasons, the out-of-print one-shot comics collection, and Tiny Girl Robot Love), Scribble buttons, issues 1 and 2 of Hey Derby Girl, prints and miniprints, a limited number of Erstwhile hardcovers, on-site commissions while time and energy allow, and a random assortment of original comic art for sale (including some of the original painted pages for Death of the Little Hen). If you’ll be attending Fanime and you have a specific page you’d like to purchase, please email me by Wednesday night and I’ll make sure I bring it along :)

Other than that, I expect to return next week with fodder for future comics. I have not actually attended an anime con in like 10 years. I suspect there will be culture shock :p