Hey guys!

There haven’t been tons of announcements so far this year. A lot of things in my life have been running at bare minimum while I dealt with a 3 month stint of mono, and now I’m scrambling a bit to catch up. You’ll have a few more from me once I get my bearings and plan out my comics-plans for the year.

As for Littlest Elle… this comic was started so that I could learn things. Well, something I want to learn more about is producing a book. Starting this May, I’m going to attempt to produce a year’s worth of Littlest Elle comics in a format that would be print-friendly so that ultimately in 2014 I could make a book of them :) After that date in 2014? Well, I’ll see how my experiment went and what I’m interested in and then I’ll make a new game plan from there.

What does this mean for the comic? Well, unfortunately, it means the comic will be done in greyscale for a year. I’m a little nervous about dropping color because I LOVE color and it’s been fun to work with, but color is more expensive to print and I want to give future-me as many printing options as possible. Besides, I think there is a lot I could learn by working in greyscale for a while :) Highly technical artsy things about compositions and values. Comic layouts may also shift around a bit as I will have Actual Page-Size Guidelines I Need To Follow, but I already have some creative ideas for how to transition web stuff to print that has me pretty inspired.

I hope you’ll all still stick with me!

Also, um, wish me luck. It’s kind of a daunting project and I hope I end up with something worthwhile at the end of it ^_^;;


In completely unrelated news, I want to remind everyone local that I’ll be tabling at Fanime 2013, which is Memorial Day Weekend down in San Jose :) More details closer to!