I was rinsing last night’s tea out of the teapot this morning so I could brew my usual morning pot. It slipped in my hand, hit the sink, and shattered.

We had an amazing run, that teapot and me. It was my first teapot (I collect small teapots, but this is the only one I’ve owned that was a “functional” teapot). I will miss it. Its last great hurrah was helping me through the 24 hour comic and all the late APE nights making earrings and things.

I have to replace it pretty soon, but I’m at a loss. Do I go for the same model (I saw some at the store in a gorgeous marigold yellow) or do I upgrade to a fullsize teapot because I might conceivably want to make tea for more than just me? Do I buy something crappy at Goodwill so I can hold out for Christmas because teapots are actually pretty expensive and I’m totally broke right now?

Clearly, I have some thinking to do.