Hey guys!

So 2013 is upon us, which I can hardly believe (time flies, I guess!). It’s been a fun and challenging year and I’m excited to have my hand in so many different artistic projects ^_^

Starting this week I’ll be scaling back Littlest Elle updates to 2x a week instead of 3x a week. It’s been a fun little experiment for 2012 to add the extra Wednesday update, but it’s been difficult to maintain while also working on so many other things. So! Going forward, updates will return to every Monday/Friday, and hopefully you’ll end up with fewer comics about how tired I am ^_~ Hopefully.

If you’d like to see some of the other things I have my hands in, I recommend checking out my other comic, Missing Monday, or the online fairytale anthology that I participate in, Erstwhile Tales! I’m also a regular fixture at the local Dr. Sketchy’s lifedrawing group, drawin’ sexy burlesquey dames from life.

Here’s to a new year and new endeavors! See you guys on Friday :)