I have a coworker who does crafty stuff. She’s deeply competitive. This means that we are rivals, whether I want to be or not (being her craft rival makes me feel like a Rottweiler being growled at by a chihuahua).

So, sometimes the leftover goodies from the windows (flimsy tables, plexiglass display case bins, 9 foot tall ceramic palm trees, phallic dwarf statuettes) get offered to sales associates if we want to cart them home. I’ve always ignored the window leftovers because my commute is kind of lengthy to carry stuff on.

Somehow I thought lugging two heavy plexiglass rectangles all the way home would be totally awesome.

I wanted to comic to convey how clearly not it was and I thought I’d stretch it out more panels than usual to, uh, truly convey the majesty of this experience.

The bins are still sitting in the corner, half full of yarn, waiting for some awesome purpose. Someday~~!

100 strips, dude! I feel kind of impressed :)

On that note, I’m going to be away on a lengthy business trip (a retail business trip, no less) until mid august. I’ll be away from a scanner in all that time, but never fear. I prepared for just such an eventuality by getting exactly 8 Elle strips ahead! So, I should be able to continue posting strips from hotel internet, they’ll just be slightly older stories and slightly irratically posted.