As of August 11, 2012 I will have completed 5 years of Littlest Elle comics. I think my mind just exploded a little bit trying to take that in.

I went to San Diego Comic Con in 2007 and I got really, really inspired. I had dabbled in super short form comics (both of which were in anthologies debuting at that con, actually) and I decided that maybe the next step would be to play around with a webcomic. I wasn’t sure if I could hack it or not with an update schedule, so I decided I’d keep it really simple and model a series around some short gag comics I had done in the past.

It’s been an interesting ride for me. The reasons I do the comic have changed, as have the types of stories I want to tell, but I still enjoy doing it and as long as that’s the case I plan to keep on making more. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading along with me over the past few years. I hope you chose to stick around in the years to come :)