Filler art day today because I am drawing a lot of comics right now and I wanted to play around with a non-comic drawing. Regular Elle strips return on Friday :)

Ages ago I had the idea that it would be really rad to envision my present self as a fighting game character facing off against myself as a college student. The art is not so impressive in that link but the idea clearly charmed me and so I drew another battle portrait a few years later.

I’m dealing with major lifechange and transitional stress again, so it seemed appropriate to update the battlefield. I am very pleased, finally I have done a drawing worthy of my, uh, vision.

I am especially pleased with The Student and her flamingo summon, but Working Girl and her clothesline of clothes also makes me grin like a maniac. New to the field is 2009’s Multitasker with her cast-o-doom (sketched back in the day but never posted) and 2011’s Professional Commuter. What secrets do her totes hold? The world may never know.