First: I am confirmed for Alternative Press Expo this year, October 16-17. I sold out of my Japan-stories minicomic, but in its place I have a new minicomic debuting! It is about Roller Derby. Jeanne did the script, I did the art, it’s kind of amazing. More on that later, but STAY TUNED.

Second: Speaking of Japan, I am going there on vacation in early October (my first leave-town vacation since 2008 and my first actual vacation from work in over a year) getting back just in time to go to work for a week and then attend APE. I’m very excited to be going back because my stomach has been craving foods for three years that I simply cannot FIND here. I may spend the entire trip eating. We’ll see if I achieve anything else.

Strips will continue without interruption during this time period, thanks to the miracle of comicpress.

Third: Finances are starting to be a concern, mostly because “I’m going to Japan, maybe I should consider seeing a doctor about how I can’t breathe before I leave the country” has been waking up a sleeping dragon of expenses that I wasn’t really prepared for (see Monday’s strip for an example). I am not cutting my trip for this, but things are uncomfortably tight. I’m now working extra hours at work up until the day I leave, for example, to try and… lessen the strain.

Therefore, if you were perhaps thinking about sponsoring an extra Elle strip via the tip jar, um, yes. Now would be a good time. I also have some original art for sale that I will be posting, should any one be into that sort of thing.