“The Littlest Elle” is an autobiographical comic that I’ve worked on since 2007. The project started as an exercise to train myself to update a comic regularly and think about portraying things in comic format. It’s since evolved into a quick sketch meditation on quiet moments in my daily life that interest me.

Unless a strip is marked otherwise (ex. a comic exercise such as the 52 comics challenge or a 24 hour comic), everything in this comic is a portrayal of something that’s actually happened to me. As a result, crazy retail stories tend to dominate the first 2 years of the strip and more quiet mundane moments tend to dominate everything since.

The only exception to this rule is the presence of Sassy Possum. Sassy Possum is obviously not real. Sassy Possum is a generic stand-in character that I’ve used in the past when I didn’t want to show someone’s actual likeness.

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