The Littlest Elle

Hi there! My autobio comic, the Littlest Elle, ran from August 2007 to August 2014. It catalogued the random hijinks of me in my 20s while being a nerd, working multiple jobs, living in a big city, and adopting a lovable but demanding fat cat. Not the most epic of hijinks, but small little slice of life moments that ended up connecting me to people in ways I never would have predicted.

My plan was to keep the completed comic live for posterity but it was built on an archaic blogging format that, as it turns out, would have to be completely rebuilt from scratch if I wanted to keep it online in the world of 2021+ technology. Sadly, I think that's my signal that it's time for this project to go offline. Thank you to everyone for reading, commenting, and supporting me along the way!

If you'd like to see what I've gotten up to in the years since completing Littlest Elle, I have participated in a now complete anthology of Brother's Grimm Fairytales (Erstwhile), I am working on the final arc of a F/F fantasy comic about two girls from different worlds falling in love and dealing with the consequences of dangerous magic (Missing Monday), and I'm making and posting all kinds of art to social media (twitter)(tumblr)(instagram).

I also have a small collection of mini comics, some autobiographical, available for purchase from my gumroad. And hey, just to round things out for good measure, I also have an etsy, and a monthly patreon that collects everything I'm doing on social media into one easy to access newsletter. So there I am!

Thanks for reading! ~Elle